Free writing 2/6/2016

Let’s talk about some pet peeves of mine. It’s when you are grocery shopping and people stare down your cart to see what you are buying like you’ve got porno mags and sex toys hanging over the sides. This evening I wanted to pick up the 3lb bag of chicken wings and show it from all sides with this woman that was looking in the cart. I don’t get it. It’s not like I’ll have a gold bar sitting there for someone to swipe.  It can’t be that interesting. Are people really that nosey. I’m be extremely sarcastic here but I want create a cover to put on top of the cart a lot like a hood(or whatever you call it) on a baby stroller. Secretive grocery shopping.
Another thing irks me is the traffic flow. I’ve always considered the grocery aisles a bit like a miniature road. Stay on the right when you can, but especially entering and exiting an aisle. A lot of times it’s the person cutting you off that doesn’t respond with the “excuse me”, that you just gave them. There have been times that I’ve flatly said. “You can say it too”.

One other small thing that rubs me the wrong way at the grocery store is that you are standing there looking at the meat section for example. Steaks, ground beef, whatever.  You are looking straight in front of you and then someone reaches across you to grab something. It makes me want to be rude and make myself as wide as I can, or reach for the same package, but I don’t.

On a much brighter note, there was a cute older couple in the grocery store earlier. I was on the right side leaving an isle when they cut in close. We each said excuse me, and then the wife said “He drives that way too.”, then he rebuts her with “She taught me everything I know”.  It was cute. Reminded me a bit of the Barone’s from “Everybody Loves Raymond”, just not as cranky.  I said “I drive the same way”. They were cute.

Free Writing 2/5/2016

How I learned about tipping.

I was 4-5 years old, somewhere in that range. Maybe slightly older, I’m not really sure, but my family and I were at the beach. This was before my little brother came along and we were eating at a steakhouse, and we were about to leave and my dad left some money on the table. They were walking off a bit in front of me and I ran back and grabbed it.

We got in the car and pulled out on Highway 17(I didn’t know this at the time but we were in Myrtle Beach), so we were headed down the road and I told him. I have the money you left on the table, and he and my mom both had similar reactions of like why did you do that? I guess it was the first time I ever noticed money left on the table. Just a little boy not paying that close attention to things, and eating out back then wasn’t as frequent as it is for a lot of people these days.

So they turn the car around. Make me take it back in and give it to the waitress. They made me apologize to her, which I couldn’t quite grasp. It’s not like I was knowingly stealing from her, so that part I never fully understood. I remember her saying thank you and giving me a kiss on the cheek which I quickly wiped off. Hey, I was in that range where girls had cooties and I didn’t want to be infected.

Even today, I can understand making me go back in, and I can begin to understand the apology but the whole process made me feel guilty, and I thought I was doing a good thing, because I knew it was their money. It would be different if it was the time I wanted the blue key blank and took it(about the same age range). I can understand having to apologize there. That one wasn’t fun either, I was dead wrong with that one, still not fun even if it didn’t come with a dreaded kiss from an 18-22-year-old girl, but that one came with a spanking. So yeah I’d take the dreaded kiss.  Ha!

Free Writing 2/4/2016

This is more of a rant than anything, but hey it gets the blood pumping.

So Jim Irsay wants Peyton Manning to retire as a Colt? Well, Jim you shouldn’t have fired him. You shouldn’t have thrown him away in a Hefty bag and even more than that you shouldn’t open your damn mouth this week.

Just shut the fuck up about #18. You don’t deserve to talk about him. Not this week, not when it could be his last game. It just shows how sad and petty you are that you have to seek any level of attention. What you should have done with your trigger happy thumbs that rival a 13-year-old girl was simply congratulated him for the AFCCG win. Then on Saturday or Sunday you send out a “good luck” tweet. That’s what you should have done, but no you have to go on some tv show and say you want him to retire a Colt, and that you’ve asked him to.

I can see why he might. He spent the majority of his career there. Won his first of a possible two Lombardi trophies there. Made relationships, made lasting bonds. Built a freaking stadium, poured money into various charities including the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital. I get that. He loves the city. He didn’t want to leave. He wanted to be like a Dan Marino and play his entire career with one franchise. Well, that didn’t happen. He loves the majority of the fans. So I can understand why he might want to do a one-day contract, but you, you pill headed piece of shit, you do not deserve to stand by him at a retirement press conference. Peyton Manning is a far better man than myself, a far better man than you, so while that might happen, but you, you petty drunk bastard do not deserve it all.

He’ll show up for the Ring of Honor induction. He’ll show up for the official retirement of jersey #18. He’ll show up when you honor the team from XLI or other teammates.  He’ll show up when they erect a statute outside the stadium he built, but I hope when he does retire, he simply retires and doesn’t give you that honor of him retiring by your side.  Oh and for those that think he’ll come back and work as a coach, a member of the front office, or GM. Of that team? For that dickhead?  Nah not happening.

Archie Manning has used the term fired, when most say cut. I’m sure Archie’s terminology is closer to how #18 feels than “most”.

Enjoy your next relapse.

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Free Writing 2/3/2016

I’m really too angry to type right now, but hell, why not give it a shot. I know it’s not going to make me feel good. “Venting” never does. I’ve always compared it to the people that have an issue and try to drink away their problems. Guess what dumb ass, it’s still there and now you have a headache.

I get that talking about things, problems, or issues, help some people. I’m all for being on the listening end of that, but for me. When there are no magic answers or magic words, what is the point? All it does is get me worked up even more.  Revisiting it? Brings back the anger and the rage. So why bother?  I try my best not to.

I just bite my tongue and eventually it will be worn down to a nub so that I can’t help but spit when I talk.  I guess it’s a good thing I can’t get my hands on certain people. A very good thing. They would have a bad day. I can promise them that. I need to take a chill pill as my old drafting teacher would say. Of course there is no telling how many pills he was on back then.

So I’m really not sure what to say at this point because I’m not going to get into details and unfortunately nothing else is on my mind, so I’m finished. Maybe I’ll approach it again later if my mood levels off some. I doubt it.

Free Writing 2/2/2016

My first car was a 1984 Honda CRX, simple little car. The only thing I didn’t like so much about it was that it was red. I turned sixteen in the summer of 1988and my dad helped me buy it. He got it from I guess what would be a co-worker who worked for a hotel that the company that my dad worked for owned in another venture. The co-worker was supposed to meet in our hometown about Hotel business so he brought the car to be delivered and was actually buying a car from one of their mutual bosses so that is what he drove back to Tennessee.

The only experience with a stick I had was sitting on my dad’s lap in an oldToyota Corona that he had when I was really little. After he ate lunch and took a little nap and when I was home he’d put me on his lap and let me drive a loop through our old neighborhood. He’d push the clutch in, and I’d move the stick while steering. It was fun, but also contributed to me wanting my license at 12, and there were times that I’d take a car out here and there. Everything else we had came with an automatic transmission, so not much of an ordeal.

Well, he and the co-worker left, he said, push the clutch, move the stick have fun. The best of tutorials. So after about 6-7 minutes of struggling to get out of the driveway in reverse, I simply put it in 1st and drove through the yard. There was a training period but by late afternoon I was decent with it. I’ll still say he’s equally to blame for having to put a new clutch in it about a month later.  I’ll argue that till my last breath.

I gave that car hell. Speeding, driving recklessly. Just all over the place. It went great in snow being a front wheel drive. I remember racing a friend and hisSuzuki Samuari up a set of powerlines going up the side of a mountain/hill near his house. It really pissed him off when that 2wd beat his cough bullshit”4×4”bullshit cough.

It saw better days. At one point the right headlight would shift on every turn. I got stopped for “spotlighting” one night and the trooper swore I threw the light out the window. Nope, just a rotating headlight. At one point the then crunched up front end had a band aid on it. A literal band aid, though it didn’t quite fix any of the boo boos.

I had a lot of fun in that car, a handful of stories in it or with it, and we ended up selling it about 1992 for 500.00 and I was amazed we got that much for it.  I really was. Part of me wishes it was sitting off in a barn with every other car I have owned. You can become a little attached.

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Untimed note: I had to finish a thought or two so this one was a little over 6 minutes and 6 seconds. It happens.

Free Writing 2/1/2016

Trying this one a little different by doing it at night as opposed to in the morning and quite frankly I think I like it better in the morning. Right now I’m tired, it’s 11pm, hopefully I’ll be in bed before midnight, but no promises.

I wanted to try this at the end of the day to see if it was a way to relax and I’m not really seeing it that way so this might be one of a very rare occurrence for it to happen at night.

When I have done it in the mornings half of the time it’s fresh, meaning, I’ haven’t done much other than start the coffee. Others it’s been after checking in on things and having part of that coffee. When it comes to that I can’t quite see any benefit of one over the others, so it will just be based on feel.

A friend asked me if I’m getting anything out of this, and it’s hard to answer. I’m not feeling relieved. I’m not feeling great or bad or any specific way. It’s just what it is. I’m beating on the keyboard for six minutes and six seconds. I don’t know what I can “get out of it”. I think it frustrated them that I didn’t have a great answer but I’m not one to sugarcoat things. If you ask me a question, you’ll get an answer. Now it might not be as blunt as it would have been x # of years ago, but that comes with age, but I’m still not going to spit out some type of sugarcoated garbage or answer a question the way I think they might want it to be answered. That takes too much time and effort to do that. So whatever the answer may be there it is.  It is just how it goes. I can’t help that, nor will I apologize for it. I’ve always been the “friend” that friends would turn to get an honest to goodness opinion about situation x, y & z.  I’m not one to throw in my 6 cents (inflation + favorite #) without being asked but will offer it up when asked about it.

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Free Writing 1/31/2016

Loyalty, why do people have an issue with it?

Yesterday A quote circled from David Cutcliffe, the Duke head football coach, that he was pulling for the Broncos. He didn’t want to make Panthers fans mad, but he’s pulling for the Broncos. It makes perfect sense to me. I’m sure he views Peyton Manning as family.

I’ve seen people, some from North Carolina, some not, and some University of North Carolina fans bash him over that.

Cutcliffe has 2 former Duke Players on the Broncos roster, and one of his prized players, Peyton Manning playing for the Broncos. Cutcliffe would be pulling for Denver if Manning had retired 5 years ago simply due to the ties with the other players. But with Manning being involved it’s that much stronger. David Cutcliffe is a main reason that Peyton Manning returned to the NFL. Without the time and effort spent by Cutcliffe at Duke rehabbing Manning from 2011-2012, none of this is possible.

If I were a recruit that would make me want to play for a man like that more because he stands by his players. Had there been a former Blue Devil, Rebel or Vol on the Panthers roster with ties to Cutcliffe then the choice might be so clear cut, or announced publically.

One of the guys that made the comment seemed like a simple-minded idiot that hates all things “DOOK” as he put it, and there are Duke fans that do the same thing with all things Carolina.  It happens. I get that, but if you don’t think for an instant that if Michael Jordan faced off against the Charlotte Hornets in the NBA Eastern Conference Championships that the great Dean Smith wasn’t pulling for Michael over his home state team, then you are crazy. The same would have been said for James Worthy and his Los Angeles Lakers had they faced the Hornets for the NBA Championship. The same would be said for other players with ties to Smith and the “Carolina Family”.

I’d say that most people with ties to Peyton Manning are pulling for him. Those that aren’t are just petty little bitches like Jim Irsay. Reggie Wayne and Mike Vanderjagt could be two former teammates that aren’t openly rooting for Manning but that’s for another day.

There isn’t a damn thing wrong with being loyal.

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