Melvin Vaneaton Martine


Melvin Vaneaton Martine

Setting: High School Football locker-room 1987

A bittersweet story simply because Melvin is no longer with us. He was hit by a truck late one night simply walking home from his job at Big Lots.

During the first half, we received a punt and matriculated down the field killing the clock running the split back veer to opposite sides of the field. The quarterback couldn’t really read the option yet, so he was just blindly giving it or keeping it, and pitching it from time to time.

This was the opening game to the 1987 junior varsity season and the first game under a new coaching staff. The way it worked was that the football coaches coached both the varsity and junior varsity, we practice together, scrimmaged each other etc, and two of the assistant football coaches coached the JV game usually with one being responsible for the offense, the other for the defense.

We rarely threw the ball. Peyton Manning could have gone to school there and he would have played tight end or tackle.

We got down to about the 4-yard line with less than a minute to go. The quarterback called Split right 21, which simply a dive option to the left. The right halfback would hit the hole in between the center/guard. Again, the QB would either give it, ride out a fake and turn it up with the option to pitch. On this particular play the QB didn’t give it and he was about to get smacked so he pitched it. He pitched it out to Melvin who got rocked even worse but somehow spun and made it into the end zone for a touchdown. We missed the extra point, went into the half with a 6-0 lead.

We come back out, play the 2nd half, score two more times on two short runs, miss two more extra points and win 18-0. We skip forward a bit to the locker room. Everybody is getting undressed to take a shower, before eating a bagged meal that the opponent’s athletic foundation had fixed since it was a two hour ride home.

Coaches Jerry Floyd and Tommy Dinkins walk in and tell everyone to hurry up so we can get on the road. Floyd stops and looks at Melvin and says “Goddamn Melvin did you shit your pants?”  At this point everyone looks toward him and for some reason some kids wore their “tighty whities” over their jock. Melvin was one of em. He turns around and says “Coach, coach, coach, let me me tell ya what” halfway acting like he was impersonating Ric Flair.

“Coach, on that run at the end of the first half, it was either shit my pants and score, or fumble, so I shit my pants and scored”. Floyd looks at him, smirks, shakes his head and smiles, and says, “so you’re saying he literally knocked the shit out of you?” “Yeah I guess he did”, Melvin responded.

Needless to say there was a pair of football pants, and a pair of underwear thrown away that night. No huge loss since the JV simply wore those crappy solid white practice pants anyway.

At this point the story should be over, but there was the ride home. Again, it was about a two to two and half hour ride. About halfway into it, Melvin yelled up to Coach Floyd and asked if he could pull over so that he could piss. Floyd responded “No Melvin just piss out the window.”

Late September on an activity bus its still pretty damn hot. All the windows were down and Melvin was sitting 3/4ths of the way back on the right hand side of the bus.  He stands up in the seat. Unzips his pants, pulls his pecker out and says “you better watch out coach, it’s dragging the ground, sparks are flying”.

Again, the windows were open and Cale Bartles and Mark James, woke screaming saying shut the window, it’s starting to rain. They quickly figured out it wasn’t raining.

Rest in Peace Melvin, this story lives forever.






The extend-a dong

Setting: Strip club, High School Parking lot and an Interstate running through the Carolinas circa 1999

This is one of those stories that comes from dumb luck. Kelly Nevins, Keith Singer, Warren Parker and Jerry Floyd went out of to visit a COMPUSA so that Floyd could pick up some memory for his computer.  They were in Kelly’s mother’s minivan mostly for comfort. After picking up the memory, they stopped at got a bite to eat at a Ham’s. A simple sandwich joint not far from COMPUSA.

The group ate and kicked back a few cold beers and then decided to head back home. They started ridiculing Kelly as they were leaving for not leaving a tip, and the other three picked up his share for him driving down. At this point he couldn’t drive, and Keith only had two beers so he was now in command of the minivan. They were headed towards the interstate when Floyd said “take the next right”. He did and pulled into a parking lot and he started shaking his head. Kelly, a bit drunk at this point yells, “Is this a titty bar?” Floyd, his former high school football coach shakes his head yeah and Kelly holds up a hand for a high five. Floyd looks around the car asking “you guys game?” looking at Keith and Warren. Keith says “whatever you guys want to do but I’m not buying Kelly any beers”, Warren says through his New Hampshire accent, “I’m not going in unless Kelly buys the beers”, Kelly said let’s go, and they crawl out.

They are at the door, and Floyd looks back at the Keith and says “don’t whip the bouncers this time”, Keith smiles and says “no promises”. This all stems from another story that could find its way here at some point.

Maybe there are nicer joints around, but it is safe to say, if you’ve seen one topless bar, you’ve pretty much seen them all. Of course there are some that are far worse than others as well, but that comes with the territory, but they are all somewhat related.  Dark, smoky, the rooms littered with fluorescent and neon lights and eardrum numbing music bouncing wall to wall.  Of course, half dressed women on a stage, off on the side giving table dances are all over the place too.

The get a table somewhat close to a side stage, they weren’t front row or anything like that, but they could see all that they needed to. Kelly gives the waitress his credit card, following through with his condition that Warrant stipulated. Keith and Floyd found that to be stunning. They each got a table dance, just at typical night and it was getting late.  Warren, Floyd and Keith walked out while Kelly settled the bar tab.  At the front of the building was an Adult book store/toy shop. They walked in since it was cold. They could see where the minivan was parked and could watch Kelly come out of the door. So they looked around.

Floyd had a the idea of picking up what was called a “penis extender”, a prosthesis looking device that had rubber/latex end to it, not quite looking like a dildo, but it had hose like attachment to it that the use would roll down his shaft. 12.99. Floyd say I’ve got 5 towards it to tie to the antenna just to see if he notices. Warren and Keith quickly anti up a 5 spot of their own.

They hurry out to the van and tie the extend-a-dong to the antenna and wait on Kelly who had the keys.   He finally comes out of the bar and unlocks the door.  They get in, get the heat cranked up and are headed towards home.  They stop off at a Waffle House to grab some grub, and then they get back in the van and back on to the interstate. This time Kelly was sitting behind Keith, who was still driving and says “what is that on the antenna?” Keith appears to bend down and look and says. “What are you talking about?” Kelly then pushes his shoulder and says “look at the antenna there is something on it”. Kelly continues “Coach Floyd, lean out there and see what it is”, Floyd looks back at him and gruffly says. “Kelly, did you take a hit of LSD at the Waffle House? I don’t see anything”.  Warren pops in with “Yeah Kelly, that LSD must be groovy”, again in his New Hampshire accent.

They finally make it home and pull into the parking lot at the football coaches’ offices/locker-room where the others had parked. Kelly gets out and walks around to the antenna and sees the toy tied to it and starts a long cackling laugh with “what the fuck is this?” included in it.  Warren pipes up “we hear you need a little help in that department.” “Oh fuck you Parker”, Kelly says to his friend.

They leave, as far as we know that was it.

But it wasn’t.

Kelly’s mom taught with Warren and Jerry. So When Kelly needed to stop by his mom’s van one day to put something in it for his dad, he saw Coach Floyd’s pickup truck sitting there and he tied to the trailer hitch. Floyd was in the weight room getting in a couple of sets before practice when the head football coach, Coach Slessom came into the weight room yelling “Jerry, what the hell is on the back of your trailer hitch?” Without fully knowing, he had a pretty good idea. He and Coach Dinkins, walk out the side door to look, and he just starts shaking his head and saying “that little bastard”.  After practice, they were talking about it and Warren couldn’t stop laughing about it. He was teasing Floyd about it saying Kelly got him good”.

The next morning when Floyd rolled into the teachers’ parking lot, he saw that Warren was already at school, so he thought it was fair to give him some of his own medicine and tied the dong to his antenna.

At the end of the day, Warren was walking out with a couple of teachers after school, when the Spanish teacher asked him, “hey Warren does that help with the reception”, Warren turns looking at his car, and immediate says, “that hairy bastard” as his face turned bright red. He took it off put it in his pocket and went on down to practice. The other coaches got a good laugh out of that story too. Floyd looks at him, and he says “well we know it comes from Kelly, so let’s get him back”. Floyd says “Coach Slessom hand me a Sharpie out of the desk”.   He writes


in big bold black letters.

They leave and go and tie to the windshield wiper on Kelly’s Jeep Cherokee.

Well those plans kind of backfired to a point. They didn’t know that Kelly, his girlfriend Tina, and his parents were going to take the Cherokee to a Carolina/Wake Forest basketball game that night. Kelly had been fussing about the brakes on the way to the game, so Aubrey his dad, said well I’ll drive home just to see how they are.

After the game they pile into the Cherokee, Aubrey and Beth in the front while Kelly and Tina were in the back seat. They get on the interstate and starts to rain out of nowhere. Aubrey fumbles with the switch to cut the wipers on and they start and there is this mass thumping on the windshield with every interval of the wipers. “Kelly what the hell is this” Aubrey yells back at his son. “I don’t know Dad pull over.”

They pull over on the edge of the interstate, Aubrey hits the flashers and they get out and Aubrey reaches for it and says
“What the hell” as he turns it and reads the message on it. He tears it off and says “here you go son, it looks like this is yours”. Kelly avoids the throw like it is hot water, and then reaches down to pick it simply saying “Those bastards” as he tosses it off into the tall grass/trees.

The prank lived longer than most, but died not too far from where it started. Maybe it is still out there. Maybe it’s been torn into pieces by a DOT mower.


What a Combination!


What a Combination

Setting: Circa late fall 1989: This venture takes place in a span of a half mile in between Dr. Hooper’s veterinarian’s office and a convenience store called “The Pantry” at that point in time.


The Dilger household was a bit quiet, Andy & Berta were still at work, Abbie-Lynn was off at cheerleading practice and Gina had friend over who was conveniently Andrew’s girlfriend Jackie. Andrew conveniently had a friend over who was Keith, who Gina always had plans to seduce.

Andrew & Jackie were in his room, about half dressed, and with her hand on his cock as he was finger banging her like it was going out of style.

Downstairs on the couch, Keith had pants and boxers around his ankles with his cock in Gina’s mouth and a finger or two sliding in and out of her wet snatch. She was up on all 4’s on the couch so it was the most convenient position.

The phone started to ring, and ring and ring.  The house had 2 lines, one basically for the kids and one for the parents. The phone kept ringing and ringing. Neither Gina nor Andrew wanted to answer it.  Finally, the parent’s line started going off, and they let the machine catch that one. It was Andy calling. “Andrew, Gina, if you are there, I need your help. I am with Jackson at Dr. Nicks office and Sam has escaped his cage.

Gina took her mouth off of Keith’s cock and said “Jesus fucking Christ, adjusted her skirt, slid her panties up as Keith started to make himself decent and she went up and knocked on Andrew’s door.   After a few moments they all hoped in his Blazer to take off to Dr. Nicks.

Sam, the cat, an 8 or 9 year old tabby had darted from Jackson’s arms following a visit to the vet. He took off down towards a drainage ditch. Jackson went inside the office, and called Andy at the bank, who then as mentioned above started to call his son and step daughter to recruit their help.

He could’ve called the National Guard and a startled cat is not going to come out of pipe like that.

Andy’s cursing under his breath when the kids arrive and the girls go down to the ditch to try to coax Sam out of the pipe. Andy looks at Andrew & Keith and says “Which one of you fools smells like pussy?”, they both shrugged their shoulders as Jackson walked closer giving them a bit of a sniff and wry smile crossed his face.

Andy gives Andrew a 10 dollar bill and tells him to run up to The Pantry, a chain of convenience stores/gas stations littered across the southeast, and get some wet cat food.

Andrew and Keith hop in the Blazer and take the short drive. The only cat food they had was dry, and Keith suggested to buy some sardines. That would likely draw the portly Sam out of the pipe more than any type of kibble.

On his way up to the counter to pay, Andrew stops and picks up one of those king sized Hershey bars. Andrew was never one to pass up an opportunity for a free snack, or the chance to pocket the change from his dad.   He lays the candy bar and the can of sardines on the container and the clerk, a male in his early 20’s dressed head to toe in black, except for his pink socks and his pink scarf, which somehow seemed to match part of his hair which appeared to painted pink with one of those Halloween type hair sprays. In his lispy voice he says, “Sardines and chocolate, what a combination”,  Andrew looks at Keith, Keith sorta chuckles, Andrew looks back at the clerk and says “un huh”, and the clerk say that will be $3.19. Andrew hands him the 10 and collects his change and they go back to the car and head back to Dr. Nicks.

The girls had failed to coax Sam out of the pipe. Andrew gave the sardines to his dad who know cut up part of a box to make a plate out of it and put the sardines on it. Handed it to Gina who then put it a foot or so in front of the pipe.

Andrew told Andy and Jackson the story about the clerk and Andy simply says, “Fucking cock sucker”, while Jackson says, “He sounds like a 3 dollar bill”. Of course the old banker would have some form of derogatory slang based on currency.

Well, the fat cat in Sam started smelling the sardines and finally poked his head and started sniffing and lapping at them as Gina was able to pick him up, and him Jackson’s car.

Jackson thanked them all for their help and they each went on their way. Adversity solved.




Setting: Kroger’s Highway 17, Myrtle Beach 1989

kroger_FotoSketcherThis is another entry into the Dilger Family Beach trip from the summer of ’89. On this particular night Andrew and Keith were able to escape any after dinner family activities, which basically meant they were able to ditch the fifteen year old step sister and her friend and head out to see what Myrtle Beach had to offer.

Earlier in the week at a stop light Andrew had run into a girl (Tammy) he met about month before when he tagged along with the senior class of 89. They exchanged #’s, and ended up meeting later that night at the campus of her high school. Keith and her friend (Stacy) had quite an introduction, with them being about half dressed when Andy & Tammy walked up from touring the campus.

Andrew called Tammy earlier in the day, and they planned on meeting the girls to hang out on the beach later that night. Stacy actually lived in Cherry Grove which was where the condo Dilger family was staying at. Tammy worked two jobs during the summer one at Dick’s Last Resort and one at the Gay Dolphin Gift Shop. This particular night she was working at Dick’s and wanted to take a shower before actually meeting up with them.

Andrew had asked his father Andy if he would allow them to take some beer and he said only if you were around the complex, and Andrew tried to explain they’d be down the beach, that they wouldn’t be driving, that they might take the golf cart but not the Blazer, but Andy said you’ll have to get it on your own. Keith winked at him and said no problem.

After dinner they were riding around just killing time waiting on Tammy to get off at around 11 so they could meet her and Stacy at around midnight.  So they met the girls at a Kroger’s parking lot planning on riding boy/girl boy/girl to either the condo or to Stacy’s house.  Tammy asked if they had any beer, and Andrew said “no, but we can try to buy some here”.  She looked at him odd and said “okay whatever”.  They go in and grab a cart, and they are looking over the people at the registers. An older guy with bad toupee that reminded them of an even worse dressed version of the basketball coach at the high school, a younger girl that looked like she was in her mid-20’s and short plump black woman in her mid-40’s that reminded them of Nell Carter.

Keith had an idea. He starts off with the cart, gets a couple bags of chips, a package of chocolate chip cookies, a bottle of Pepto Bismol for Andy and some Hawaiian Tropic sun screen for one of Andrew’s step sisters. Andy looks at him and says “what about the beer”?  “Watch this” is Keith’s only response. They go down an isle where the Coke/Pepsi and other sodas are located and he finds the IBC Root Beer bottles. He starts loading the cart up.  He takes all six of the 6-packs off the shelf and they head for far side of the store where the beer section is.root_FotoSketcher

Keith started trading out dark brown beer bottles for the dark brown bottles of IBC Root Beer simply looking for something that resembled the bottles of root beer. Andrew is shaking his head half way thinking “we’re about to go to jail and this will work”.  They have 5 six packs of beer, they don’t recall the brand and a six pack of IBC root beer. They push the cart up to isle with the shot plump black lady and he puts the chips, cookies, sun screen, pepto, everything else that they have, and the six pack of IBC Root Beer.

The lady rings everything up and then says “I’s needs to sees some ID, yous look to young to buys beer.” Andrew’s face flushes, and Keith cocks his head and looks at her odd and says “ID for root beer?”  He reaches over tilts the six pack on his side and points to the packaging and Nell puts both hands on her hips and says “Well I’ll be,  that rootamabeer get me every time.” Keith says “we have six of them total, this one and 5 in the cart and we need a bag of ice”.  She rings it up, they pay, get their change and push the cart out about the time a deputy sheriff is walking in. They nod at each other and they go put the beer in the back of the blazer.

The girls ask “how did you do that”? Andrew tells the story almost as if it was his idea as they empty the shopping cart. Keith is driving the Blazer with Stacy as Andrew is in the VW convertible with Tammy. They pull into the condo complex one after another and Andrew goes up to get the Playmate cooler off the porch to put on the back of one of the golf carts to head off to Stacy’s house. Andy, Berta, Gina and Renae follow him down the steps to the parking lot and Andy asks “how the hell did you buy that much beer”, Andrew again tells the story but includes the name Keith a time or two just half worried that his dad might get pissed at him, but Andy shakes his head and simply says “rootamabeer stupid fucking nigger”,

Needless to say that they made two more “rootamabeer” purchases at the same Kroger’s with the same short plump black lady before heading back home, and used the same set up a few times at local grocery stores once they were home.


Now the funniest part of the story has to be a bit unknown, because you know at various points in time following this, that some random adult goes into Kroger’s or one of the local stores, and blindly buys a six of beer gets it home, and either opens up to a taste of root beer, or notices it after he’s got it in the car and then is forced to argue that is what he actually bought. Talk about wanting a hidden camera.

Come in at 3 o’clock! Get up at 3 o’clock!


Setting: Nevins household circa 1992-93.

401_FotoSketcherFor those of you out there with an older brother, or sister that matter you’ve likely come to the conclusion that at times they’ve greased the proverbial rails for you at times.

This will serve as a little introduction to the Nevins family.

Willis Aubrey Nevins II was the patriarch, a jolly fat man candy apple red cheeks when he was excited. He’d make for a perfect Santa Clause if he ever grew his beard out. Aubrey was a CPA, and one of the biggest Clemson Tiger fans you’d ever meet. Everywhere you turned in his house or office, was a Tiger knickknack, an autographed photo of William Perry, Danny Ford, or something Clemson related.  His wife, Beth Highland Nevins was a school teacher, even though she taught at the high school level, she had a tendency to talk to you like you were seven years old.

Aubrey Cameron Nevins, known mostly as Cam, or Tropical to some of his brother’s friends was about 25-26 years old in 1992, he’d already crashed his brother’s car, had a pair of DUI charges and spent a summer in rehab. That brings us to Roger Kelly Highland George Martin Jefferson Nevins, okay that’s a joke. That brings us to Roger Kelly Highland Nevins.  As you can see with four names, friends often added a couple more for good measure. In the summer of 92, he was 20, finally broken up with his high school girlfriend for the final time, and while he’d drink adult beverages, he didn’t have the track record of his older brother.

Occasionally on a Friday night, Kelly and his friends would stay out late. Shocker that a teenager or someone in their early 20s would stay out late. Sometimes it was really late. While there are a couple of other examples of strolling into the Nevins house at predawn hours, this one time sticks out based on good ole Aubrey.

Kelly and Keith Singer had been out on what an elder might call a double date. They dropped the girls off, both ironically named Margaret, and then hit up some friends at Burger Chef, and then as planned rolled back around to one of the Margaret’s houses to sneak into the basement and hang out a little more and see what happens. At around 2:30, Margaret Hennings, the host was getting a little nervous. Not that she wasn’t enjoying Kelly pawing all over her, but it was going to be her mother or father coming  down the steps and catching them so she couldn’t quite enjoy herself. That didn’t really stop Keith or Margaret Kilroy who already had her panties in the floor since she was wearing a denim skirt. Hennings came to the other part of the basement and said they probably need to go. She turned away as Keith’s hand came out from between Kilroy’s legs and they got up and crawled out the basement window, a tough task for Keith at 6’3, based on how the yard sloped down by the window. Of course it beats jumping out of the 2nd story window from the bonus room over the garage on to the driveway (more on that in another snippet).

The odd thing is that Keith lived right down the road and actually in between the two girls. They actually parked Kelly’s 240 on in the Singer driveway when they walked up the tiny hill to get to the Hennings’ house. Keith said “do you want to come in and crash and we can get my car tomorrow?” Kelly said, “No, I have to help my dad with something in the basement sometime tomorrow, and then asked if he wanted to stay here and get his car tomorrow?” Keith looked at him and said “drunk as you are, I don’t think you need to be driving”, so Keith poured himself into the 240, another tight fit, and they headed towards Kelly’s house.

Kelly’s house was a pretty big colonial, painted in a pastel orange(not quite Clemson Orange), but that would have been an eye sore, and had deep purple shutters and had a dogleg curve in the driveway heading up to the house which sat on a bit of a hill.

They start to approach the driveway and Kelly says “kill the lights”, Keith not driving on his own car somehow turns on the windshield wipers before squirting windshield washer fluid all over the glass as he finally got to the light switch. They pull around the curve to the house and see ole Aubrey outside in a pair of boxers and a way too tight wife beater.

Kelly says “park by the porch”, Keith does, they get out of the car and Aubrey while trying to fuss at Kelly, is a little too late as they got inside before he made it back up to the porch he was outside collecting the newspaper at 3am.

They slip off their shoes, and shorts, and Kelly goes around the room cranking up his two window units, has the door locked and hears Aubrey coming up the steps. He knocks on the door, but Kelly is in the bathroom and Keith tells Aubrey just that. Aubrey says “well I’ll talk to him in the morning.

Kelly had a strange bed. Even though some time has been spent thinking about it and it has been described more than once, it is still strange. It seems like it was two queen size mattresses turned sideways. Maybe it was two full size, but it was wider than a normal king, and it was longer than a normal king. Beth Nevins had custom made sheets, quilts and covers for it, but it was a big comfortable bed. There were times 3 and 4 people slept in it. The room was also like a cave, without a hint of light from the windows due to shades that were always drawn, and the pair of window units. It was a large room, two more beds that size could have fit in it.

They talk about the girls a bit, talk about the next night, and finally crash.  Keith wakes up at some point, he can’t tell if its 6 am or 10 am, it’s so dark and cold but it felt good. He looks at his watch and is able to tell it’s about 2:30 pm.  He needs to go, he has some things he needs to do at home himself so he starts hitting at Kelly to wake him up. It finally works. Kelly puts on some sweats and Keith slides on his shots and shoes.

They walk down the curved staircase and see Aubrey sitting in his chair with his reading glasses on and the newspaper in his hands. “Come in at 3 o’clock, wake up at 3 o’clock” he bellows as Kelly at nods at him as they walk out towards the back porch.

Keith gets into his CRX and heads for home as Kelly heads inside for what was sure to be another dressing down from Aubrey.


Touch Him Again and I’ll Knock Ya Out!


Setting: Cooter’s Country Store and Bar circa fall 1993

bc_FotoSketcher_FotoSketcherThis is another tale about Tracy “Tiny” Little, older brother of Jesse Little.

Keith Singer and his dad “Big Jack” walked in to Cooter’s to grab a bite to eat. Little Trevor was also with them and took off around the corner to the pair of video games that the joint had. Jack saw one of his friends, Mark Tucker sitting at the bar to the right of Tiny. It’s not quite clear if you could call it a bar, you couldn’t get a drink there, maybe it wanted to grow up to be a bar. You could get beer or wine, but the town didn’t have an ABC license for mixed drinks at that point. It was a tiny little bar that could seat four or five. Mark Jeffrey, was sitting on the other side of Tiny.

Keith started giving Tiny a hard time about Jesse being a better running back than he was. “Shit brother, Jesse couldn’t tote the mail like I could, I promise you that” was his canned response as he took a long swig of beer. The of Mark’s and Tiny’s food was served all three had a basket of wings and an order of fries. The fries were fresh cut potato sticks that were thrown in a deep fryer for a bit.

Tiny started in on the wings like some people eat corn. Left to right, left to right, rotate, left to right. Like a big 270 mouse eating a chicken wing. Keith sat down on the opposite side of his dad after going back and seeing what the little hellion wanted which was obviously more quarters for the video game. They placed their order and sipped on a pair of Miller Lites.

Since they weren’t at a table it was hard to talk to everyone so Jack ended up asking Mark Tucker how Mark Jeffrey’s back was. Jeffrey a lineman from Duke Power took a spill from a pole one night during a storm and suffered some disc damage. Tucker jokes, “well his wife Willie Mae keeps calling me and asking me to mow the yard, fix this, eat that, fuck this over here, so it must still be bothering him”. Jeffrey leans back in his bar stool a bit and says “all that may be true but she’s calling everyone and telling them the same thing cause this little dick fucker can’t satisfy her like I can”. Everyone at the bar including a waitress that caught only a portion of the comment share some laughs.

Gene Rawlings walks in and tells Jeffrey that the two of them need to have a talk and to come outside. Keith had his radar on and reached over and unfastened the band to his Seiko and slide it into his pocket. Gene was about six foot six inches tall and might have weighed a buck seventy (170lbs). His jeans were likely a 32 waist 36 inseam, tall, lanky and a bit pink from being out in the sun. Jeffrey says “Now Gene, first of all I’m eating, second of all I’m not in any condition to go outside and talk, and finally, even if I was, I don’t have anything to say”.

Gene nudges him in shoulder and says “come outside Mark we need to talk”. Tiny takes the wing out of his mouth, looks back over his shoulder, and says “Touch him again I’ll knock ya out”. Gene spouts off “Tiny, just sit there and eat, this is between me and Mark”. He nudges him in the shoulder again and says “come on outside man, we need to talk”. Tiny again takes the wing out of his mouth, this time holding it a bit like one would hold a harmonica and says, “Did you not hear me? I said touch him again and I’ll knock ya out”. Jack Singer, an accountant for a local company tries to defuse the situation by saying “it is best for everyone to settle down, nobody needs to cause a scene”. Gene nudges Jeffrey even harder and starts to tell him to come out side again while Tiny takes the wing out of his mouth, sets it down in the middle of his basket, lays his napkin on the counter top, slides out of the barstool , takes a couple of steps and reaches back into the next county and slugs Gene right in the left jaw. Gene goes flying back into one of the support beams as his slick ass cowboy boots lose traction and he is dumped onto  the floor.

Tiny is sitting back down, has his napkin back in his hand and he’s back at “left to right, left to right, rotate, left to right”, takes the wing out of his mouth and leans back again and says “I told ya if you touched him again I’d knock ya out.”, He didn’t knock him out, but he sure as hell knocked him and gave him one to remember. By the time Gene had picked his knees and elbows up the manager was standing there asking him to leave. The manager, Bill Gentry, had gone to school with both of them and Gene was saying “why do I have to leave and he gets to stay”, and Bill was like, “Dipshit do you remember back in high school when you’d get into a fight?, they never sent both kids to the same office.” “He’s eating, you aren’t,  so you have to leave” was the way Bill tried to diplomatically explain to the unruly lanky former classmate. Gene wasn’t quite done, he reached around and knocked a display of cracker jacks and potato chips off and scattered them across the wooden floor as he gave the door a kick and exited in a huff.

Little Trevor comes around the corner and says “What did I miss”, Jack looks at him and says, “nothing son, nothing.”

The funniest part about the whole situation was that Mark Jeffrey wasn’t even giving it Gene’s old lady at that point. Mark Tucker was. Jeffrey looked over at Tucker and said I’m getting sick and tired of getting blamed for your infidelities, even Willie Mae confronted me about banging Marion Rawlings, and I haven’t nailed that since I was 17. Another round of beers and laughs filled Cooter’s as time ticked on.








Jesus Andy Again?

Jesus!!! Andy again?

Setting:  Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Summer of 1989

This story starts out as a rant then morphs into one of those typical teen-age lust stories. Keith and Andrew were 17, and at the beach with Andrew’s dad, step-mother, two step-sisters and each of the step-sisters had a friend tagging along. They were staying at a condo in Cherry Grove, which is 30 some miles up Highway 17, which was also called King’s Highway which will make any Tom Petty fan feel that is the one it was written about though that is extremely doubtful, from what is essentially the most popular area of Myrtle Beach, meaning shops/restaurants and such. This took place in 1989.

For the most part, the whole group would eat dinner as a group out at a random restaurant, whether it was a steak house, Dick’s, one of the multitude of seafood joints. There wasn’t really a set plan.  Now, the sets of step-sisters, one was around 15, and one was 9 or 10, so completely different dynamics. The older one, and her friend, tried to tag along with Keith and Andrew as much as they could, but the boys, would prefer to head out on their own. With a curfew that wasn’t set in stone and a bag phone (yeah this dates the story), they could if they needed to. Andy (Andrew Dilger Jackson III), Andrew’s father, said that they older kids could drink beer/wine-coolers if they stayed around the condo-complex, but that place was dead. Other than taking a walk on the beach and hooking up with another bored to death teenager (if you could find one), there wasn’t much to do. He also said, that if you can find any, and bring it home, then go for it (more on that later, I promise).

As it was said before, Cherry Grove was 30 some odd minutes away from where they would typically eat.  Now Andrew, who at times was called Andy, like his daddy, Jackson, like his grand-daddy and Kelly usually just referred to him as Fat-aye . Spelling as close to it sounded as I can. Well, Andrew, was particular about where he would take a dump. A lot of people are like that. Most people certainly won’t use the facilities if they are nasty looking. The thing that makes this whole story odd was that he was using a strange toilet at the condo unit. It wasn’t his own personal throne like at home. Given, it would be cleaner than the average Myrtle Beach public/semi-public restroom, but each night after eating, they’d have to drive all the way back to Cherry Grove just so he could vacate himself. Keith was like God Damn Andy, just squat and shit. Your ass cheeks/balls etc. will never come into contact with anything.

Andy wouldn’t have any of it. Pulling out of the Farmer’s Daughter, a southern home-styled eatery, onto 17 they headed north back to Cherry Grove A-G-A-I-N.   They are in his Blazer and the pull up at a light an there are two girls in convertible VW. Andy is like I know you.  The driver, is like “You Do?” he’s like “Yeah I met you about a month ago during senior week. I was with Jerry & Lloyd”. She’s like “You do know me with a smile.” She says to pull over at Kroger’s so they can talk.  He balks at the idea and says that he is at the beach with his parents and has to meet them at the condo before they are free to do whatever that night.  Keith is like God Dammit Andy again? Andy lets her know that he has his Dad’s bag phone and that he can call her (like every teenager had their dad’s bag phone at the time). She’s like well meet us at 8:30 at Myrtle Beach High School. He’s like okay, where is it. She points to a McDonald’s and says it’s right after that at 38th avenue, turn right and then another right on Grissom Parkway and you can’t miss it.

They head back to Cherry Grove and while Andrew is enjoying his Throne for a week, Keith is sitting on the couch talking to Andy and Berta. Andy looks so thrilled to have the girls with him tonight, he’d be just as happy sitting on the porch with a bottle of Cuttysark or some other Scotch or adult beverage. Needless to say a night at the Pavilion was soon to start. Gina, the eldest stepsister comes out and asks Keith if there was any way that her and her friend Renae could tag along with them for the evening. Keith simply said it’s not my decision to make. Andrew comes out of the hallway from the bedrooms and Andy and Abbie-Lynn(short for Abagail-Lynn) the youngest step=sister and yes you have to read her name as it is pronounced by her southern mother with about 19 syllables) both crack joke about hoping that he sprayed.  Then Gina and Renae try to butter him up in trying to talk him into letting them tag along.  At, 17 the only way he was going to allow this to happen would have been if he was to hook up with Renae, and pass his step-sister off to Keith. The fact that Keith and Renae had hooked up a few times already that week he knew that wasn’t going to happen so he said he was going to meet someone he met during senior week (it should be noted that he went with some members of the class of 89, even though he just finished his junior year.   The girls aren’t happy, because they’d much rather spend the night following the guy around more than being substitute baby sitters.

So off they go to Myrtle Beach High School, home of the fighting Seahawks, Seachickens or some other sea creature with a feather or four. Even though Andrew wrote down the directions he was having trouble reading his own writing, but Keith reminded him of which way to go. They pull in and spot the jet black VW convertible and the two girls sitting inside.

Tammy, the driver, aged 18, was about 5’8, and it’s impossible to judge a girls weight. She had some curves, and they were in all the right places, short straight brown hair and brown eyes and the tan one would expect of a teenaged Myrtle Beach native. She was wearing a pair of those satin/checkered Umbro Soccer shorts and a Myrtle Beach Class of 89 t-shirt.  Stacy aged 17, the passenger, was about 5’2ish, slimmer, small perky breasts, just a smaller girl in general, shoulder length blonde curly hair and was wearing one of those denim jumper type/overall skirt type sets with a t-shirt underneath. Stacy also had the tan of a Myrtle Beach native.

The group of 4 walked over to a picnic table in an area that Tammy called the quad, and they stat their and talked. Tammy asked Andrew about Jerry & Lloyd and a couple of others that crossed her path during senior week. Andrew started to massage Tammy’s shoulders and then whispered in her ear to show him around the campus. Keith asked Stacy if she wanted to join them and she said her legs were tired from running earlier. Evidently she was a member of the Myrtle Beach track and cross country teams, and Keith, ran track, but mostly did field events, but would run hurdles and the 100 meter dash at times just to accumulate points. For a big guy, he could move.

Andrew and Tammy started to walk around the track and she was talking about looking forward to starting college at the College of Charleston in the fall, and Andrew wasn’t sure what his college future would hold, said he might end up at a community college, if he didn’t get any offers to play golf. The Myrtle Beach Middle School bordered the high school property and Andrew saw the playground area so they walked over and he started to push them her in a swing. Then they stopped and started to kiss, Andrew’s hands were going all over the place. Butt, boobs, legs, back, boobs, crotch, which got halted since Tammy said her Aunt Flo was visiting. Well, this sorta bummed Andrew out and he looked down at his watch and said that he had to pick up his step-sister and her friend at the Magic Attic, which was a lie.  They headed back to the picnic table.

As they got closer, they were walking up from behind, they could tell that Stacy was sitting on the table and had her feet up on the edge and had her back arched back as Keith was eating her pussy. This started out ever so innocently when Keith offered to massage Stacy’s aching legs for her. The straps to the jumper were down and her t-shirt was pushed up as he was playing with her nipples as his tongue deep into her pussy.  Andrew and Tammy then kicked a can while walking up to get their attention. Stacy’s legs shut really quickly and she pulled her shirt down and reattached her straps.  Keith had a look of evil in his eyes as he wiped his mouth clean of Stacy’s creamy wetness.  Nothing like being cock blocked. Andrew reminded Keith that they needed to pick up Gina and Renae and Keith had a “what you talking about Andrew? look on his face.  Tammy could tell that Andrew was wanting to get out of there. Keith kissed Stacy good bye, they exchanged #’s, but I don’t think their paths ever crossed again. The VW sputters out of the parking lot first followed by the Blazer. Keith starts yelling at Andrew asking what the fuck his deal was could he not see what was going on when they walked up. He’s like yeah but she’s on the rag, and Keith was like well why didn’t you get her to blow you, and Andrew quickly said well she did jerk me off. Keith was like that must be nice, since he was sitting in the car with a stiff cock.  Andrew then starts quizzing Keith about the Stacy. Keith was like well you saw most of everything that happened, and he’s like now what were her tits like. Keith kept it simple. They were small. Really firm and perky but small. They were nice. What about her pussy Andrew continues to quiz him. Did her curtains match the drapes, and Keith stoically says yes. Andrew continues on by saying she looks like she got really wet. Yes Andy you pervert she was really wet.  The bag phone rings, and its Andy III, actually asking for Andrew to pick up Gina and Renae at Myrtle Square Mall where they had watched Weekend at Bernie’s and to stop by and pick up some doughnuts at Krispy Kreme on the way home.

Andrew looks and says see he was going to call anyway. Keith, was like well the phone was in the car, so it’s not like you were going to hear it right away.  Keith just shakes his head as he watched highway 17 pass by the window on the way to the mall.,_South_Carolina,_South_Carolina,-78.8642906,16z